College and Career Planning

Planning Overview by Grade

9th Grade: Focus on achieving good grades and ask for support if needed.  GPA really matters now.  Choose a few extra-curricular activities and do them well.

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10th Grade: Continue to focus on grades and activities.  Seek out leadership positions. Start researching careers and college using Naviance and other online resources. Meet with guidance and college counselors, Mrs. Clark or Miss Vradenburgh to make sure you are on track to meet graduation requirements and college prerequisites.

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11th Grade: Increased focus on college research:  attend college fairs, utilize Naviance, make college visits, meet with college representatives.  Take the SAT or ACT in the spring.  Keep grades up and take challenging classes.  Check in with Mrs. Clark or Miss Vradenburgh.

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12th Grade:  Fall is college application time!  Learn how to use Naviance for transcript and letter of recommendation requests. Apply for Financial Aid (using the FAFSA) starting October 1 and for scholarships.  Meet with Mrs. Clark or Miss Vradenburgh to assist you in this process. Use this helpful guide so you know what to expect during your student’s senior year.

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Testing Information

2021-22 SAT Test Dates and Accommodations Information
SAT Testing Sites

2021-22 ACT Test Dates and Accommodations Information
ACT Testing Sites

Check out FairTest for national information on ACT/SAT testing sites. Washington’s 2-/4-year colleges have stated they will use holistic review for Class of 2022 college applications and lack of an ACT/SAT exam score will not be seen as a deficit. This website also includes a sortable list of all the test optional colleges in the country that is updated frequently.

College Planning and Application Information

If you have questions not addressed in these resources, please contact Miss Vradenburgh or Mrs. Clark 

For an overview of the college planning process click here.

For details about the college application process:
College Information Night Packet