Criteria for Selecting Literary Works

Criteria for Selecting Literary Works at SLHS


Literature selection begins with a teacher recommendation to the English Department. The following criteria will be considered for the adoption of literature:

  1. The literature develops and challenges reading comprehension skills and literary analysis skills including vocabulary, plot, theme, literary devices, etc.
  1. It is at the appropriate reading level.
  1. The literature has a “high standing” among literary critics.
  1. The literature is relevant.
  1. The literature challenges the reader’s understanding of life.
  1. The literature has the capacity to inform moral development.
  1. The literature inspires discussion of the role of God in our lives.
  1. The literature evokes critical thought and discussion.

The criteria for approving literature is a guide to provide students with learning opportunities that prepare them well for the next level in their education and ultimately for life. Seattle Lutheran High School recognizes that there may be differing opinions regarding the content of literature; therefore, we have reviewed and updated our process as it relates to this topic.

Notification of Literature Selected

Parents will be notified of the literature selection for the upcoming year in each teachers’ syllabus, which can be accessed on Schoology. If literature is adopted that may be considered “mature in theme,” parents will be informed via email of the content of the literature as well as the instructional objectives at the beginning of the semester in which the work will be taught, or two months prior to teaching the work, whichever is longer.

 Parent Feedback

Included with the notification of a “mature in theme” literature selection will be a “Request for Reconsideration of a Book” form. This form is designed to provide a platform for parents to give constructive feedback on literature selection that can be reviewed by the respective teacher, English Department, and school administration. After the notification is distributed, reconsideration forms will be accepted for 30 days. Through input from parents, Seattle Lutheran High School will re-evaluate and make a final determination if the criteria established for literature selection have been met.

Alternative Assignments

A parent may request a meeting with the teacher and the school administrator to discuss an alternative assignment to literature that they may find inappropriate. A different option will be provided by the respective teacher upon the approval of an alternative assignment granted by the building administrator.

To request reconsideration of literary work used at SLHS, please download Parent Request for Reconsideration of a Book and submit it to your student’s teacher.