Order Saints Coffee!

We are excited to announce the launch of our Seattle Lutheran premium private label coffee!

This is a new, better way for all of us to drink coffee with a cause. Instead of buying from others, buy your coffee from a source that supports Seattle Lutheran! Order online and it comes straight to your door. What could be easier and more effective!

We are starting with a fantastic 100% Organic Columbian, Medium Roast we have named the Lions Roar. In the near future, we will also be adding a dark roast to our brand. Lions Roar is a 100% organic medium roast with a smooth flavor that works for most occasions. It’s your perfect morning or all-day coffee. The coffee is supplied by Expedition Joe Coffee, a company founded by SLHS Alumni Parent Bryon Friel. Bryon is a former world bean coffee broker, so this is the real thing – no cheap imitations here!

Each order comes directly to your doorstep. If you order a modest 12 oz bag, $2.50 of that order goes to Seattle Lutheran to fund our list of educational and capital improvement initiatives. If you order a two-pound bag, Seattle Lutheran gets $4.00. Even better, the more we order and enjoy means more money from each sale goes to our school. We will use the funds to support special projects like re-furbishing our Science Lab and repairing the Patio.

Normal delivery is 1-2 days from the date of order. These first pre-release orders may take a few days to deliver. After that, it will be delivered as normal.

The link to order will appear on our SeattleLuthran.org website in another week or so. Spread the word! We are the first high school in the country to have their own private label coffee! Let’s make this a real bonafide bonanza fundraising activity that takes no effort but to push the order button every month! So, come on everyone, Push the Button!