Saints Ring of Honor

Dear Saints,

We have a rich tradition of excellence in athletics and academics at SLHS thanks to support from Saint parents, friends and alumni. We celebrated our newest inductee, Bob Dowding, on Saturday, April 18, 2015 in the SLHS Gymnasium. Bob was a tireless advocate for his students throughout his carreer.

A biennial event begun in 2013, the Ring of Honor at SLHS recognizes a person or group who has demonstrated a positive influence in the School and community in addition to  the following:

 Any alumna, alumnus or friend of Seattle Lutheran High School may make a nomination of a person or team based on the following criteria who satisfy qualifications in at least one of the following categories: 

Athletic and Personal Achievement: A former Seattle Lutheran athlete who performed with excellence and lettered in a varsity sport at SLHS and out of high school for at least eight years. Nominees must be, or have been, a credit to his or her family, country and Seattle Lutheran High School. An inductee may be living or deceased.

Former Coaches/Athletic Director’s: A nominee must be a former or present coach and/or athletic director who has distinguished himself/herself by demonstrating exceptional leadership, character and athletic achievements during his/her tenure at SLHS. The nominee must have coached a minimum of six years. An inductee may be living or deceased.

Distinguished Service: A donor, speaker, photographer or ambassador who has been a loyal and devoted supporter of SLHS for a minimum of six years.

Team Induction: A team must have represented SLHS at the State Tournament level or played on the first team ever in a particular sport at SLHS; the team must have been out of school for at least eight years. Nominees must have been a positive influence on the School and community.