The Lion’s Roar, Volume I


Welcome to The Lion’s Roar, Seattle Lutheran’s premier (and only) student-produced newspaper. Here, you will find coverage of the news from reviews to sports highlights, from editorials to exclusive interviews. The Lion’s Roar seeks to provide quality art and articles through the lens of Seattle Lutheran students. At The Lion’s Roar, we’re dedicated to serving YOU, the Seattle Lutheran community. As the author John Grogan said, “Twenty-six letters form the foundation of a free, informed society.”

Prepare to be freed and informed.

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Garth Ball

As a confessed Grammar Nazi, Garth felt inclined to accept his election as co-editor of The Lion’s Roar. When not sitting in front of a computer and wondering why other high schoolers don’t understand how commas work, he enjoys music, theatre, reading, video games, and sky diving (one of those was a lie).

Jeffrey Baxter

Jeffrey feels very privileged to be editing The Lion’s Roar. He enjoys spending his time reading articles, doing martial arts and feeding hogs to his three pet dragons. Usurped from his rightful throne, Jeffrey is on quest to kill his evil twin brother, Joffrey, and return the land of Westeros to a place of peace, happiness, and traditional liberal-market-socialist values.


Brianna Badley

Brianna is a junior who has the power of telekinesis and her favorite show is Friends and she knows about the secret tunnels under the school. She also invented the pythagorean theorem and her ex-husband is Tom Cruise. She would like to clear the rumors that she killed David Schwimmer which isn’t true.

Megan Burnett

Hi, I’m Megan. I am the resident crazy on the newspaper staff. My job is to write things, but due to the greatness of my procrastination skills this happens at a very slow speed. Umm, my favorite color is aquamarine sea foam fan-fiction green. In my free time I come up with fake color names and procrastinate doing important things.

Bella Haeusel

Recently, as in 3 months ago, Bella moved to Seattle with her family. She loves music, reading, and watching Castle (her favorite television show). She wishes that more people would watch this show and is also starting to confuse herself by talking about herself in the third person. Yes, she is sufficiently confused. In conclusion, she hopes to become a movie director and to one day travel around the world by sailboat.

Robert Leslie

No one truly knows the story of Robert Leslie. He hardly expresses emotion. He sits there with a quiet, stern face and then disappears each day. He does not concern himself with these trifling school activities, and it is intriguing that he has been caught up with this newspaper nonsense. I myself know very little about the guy but I’m sure there is something deeper. There has to be that casual weird individual in him that resides in all the rest of us mortals, but it is only for the select few to see. Though for now, Robert remains a mystery. I know not what he does in his spare time. I have heard the rumors. The rumors that speak of a legendary tale. How he has saved many diverse groups of people across several different times and dimensions. Some have even spoken of how he has helped to destroy groups of people. Which will you believe? Benevolent savior or malevolent destroyer?

Hailey Miller

Hailey Miller is a junior who has two younger sisters and one big brother. She recently won the 3rd annual Hunger Games by hiding in a cave in a cave doing nothing but eating a goldfish cracker each time a cannon went off, murmuring to herself, “Let the bodies hit the floor.” She currently resides in her TARDIS because she is secretly a Gallifreyan who will occasionally accidentally swallow a soul and have weird, messed up dreams. Hailey spends her days doing homework, knitting, crocheting, writing, or crying over every fandom she is in. Hailey also enjoys acting because it isn’t deemed insane to hug trees and name them Carlos. Or talk to flowers. Or play with teddy bears. And people think that you’re only acting crazy. … DFTBA

Alexandra Naftchi

Alexandria is a junior this year and writes the science portion of the newspaper. She enjoys science, Lord of the Rings, parodies, and sci-fi/nonfiction books. Alexandria also has a well thought out and potentially effective plan to take over the world.

Faculty Advisor:

Alisha Knaff

Ms. Knaff is the inventor of the time machine. She was president of the Jane Austen Fan Club from 1800-1806, and helped stop the Martian Invasion of 3003. One of her favorite hobbies is feeding pigeons with Nikola Tesla. She currently teaches English 9, English 10, US History, AP English, and Theory and Practice of Time Travel (by special appointment).