Student Support Services

SLHS Task Management Program

Seattle Lutheran High School understands and addresses the educational needs of all students; including those with learning disabilities and individual learning differences to the extent that we can reasonably do so.

Under section 504 (504 34CFR 104.39A) of the Rehabilitation Act of 1972, students attending a private school may qualify for minor adjustments to their education experience in order to offer them an opportunity to succeed in the classroom and beyond. In order to properly support student learning, documentation of a diagnosed learning or psychological disability is required in the form of Psychoeducational Evaluation, Cognitive Testing, and/or Educational Testing conducted by an Educational Psychologist or other professional education evaluator. This testing is conducted at parent expense through private clinicians or through Seattle Public Schools. Educational/Psychological testing must be current within a 3-5 year window.

At SLHS, we endeavor to meet the needs of all our students and set them up for success to the best of our ability. The task management program is in place to assist students with time management, prioritizing, planning, self-advocating, organization, and trouble-shooting.  These skills, collectively, are referred to as Executive Functioning skills and are often an area of challenge for students with attention deficits.  These skills are sometimes a student’s only academic challenge.

Each student has unique needs, so support may range from 1-3 individual sessions per week with the Task Management coordinator.  Sessions are generally 20 minutes.  Sessions occur before school, after school, during lunch, and/or on a pull-out basis from flexible electives if appropriate.

Goals of these slots include:

1) Active discussion and self-assessment of current coursework status

2) Planning of long-term projects

3) Practicing self-advocacy with teachers

4) Prioritizing tasks (time management)

Each session includes a parent communication email outlining current coursework status, areas of focus, follow-up items/reminders, and a plan of action.

If you feel your student would benefit from the Task Management program, please reach out to the school office or contact the admissions director for more information or questions.